Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pastel "Moons & Stars" Baby Shower


This weekend I had the great pleasure of hosting my mother's baby shower for her 4th little bundle of joy! It was a complete blessing to be able to plan her one and this was the very first party I styled myself (so I'm still a beginner), but I had so much fun! :) 


For the entry table (which is what I put most of my effort into), I had a copy of the invitation I designed in a frame. I also had a basket of the guest pins I made.


They were pink & blue so that the guests could choose one to go with what they thought the baby was. The basket I embellished with ribbon. 

The first game was also on the entry table, we filled a big bottle with pastel mints and the guests had to guess how many were inside.

Also on the table, I had the "Wishes for Baby & Words for Mommy" papers I had created. 
The guests filled these out for my mom to read and share with the baby as he/she grew up. 

My aunt had made the little chocolate booties that I added.

And, of course, the table runner was the finishing touch, adding all the pastel colors that went with the theme.
The table runner was provided by the wonderful Nancy of A to Zebra Celebrations!


I handmade all the centerpieces. I think they were my favorite decoration at the party. I worked so hard on them and really thought that I couldn't pull off something that cute!

Of course, I did boys and girls on the top since baby is still not letting us know its secret.


Above the food table, I hung a "Baby Shower" banner provided, once again, by A to Zebra Celebrations.

Decorating was extremely hard since we had the event at our church's fellowship hall and they were very picky about what we could and could not do. 


The cake was done by one of my fabulous friends, Liz, of Imagine It Cake!

She did an absolutely AMAZING job and the guests all LOVED it!


For the gift table, I embellished it with a "Thank You" banner from A to Zebra Celebrations.


My mom seemed to love everything and I was so glad! We had a great turnout! :) 

This is going to be one spoiled baby! ;) 

A huge THANK YOU goes to A to Zebra Celebrations & Imagine It Cake for their help in making this event possible! You two are the absolute best!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Welcome to Little Cupcake Creations!

I'm so happy to be bringing Little Cupcake Designs to life and owe Nancy of A to Zebra Celebrations a HUGE thank you for the extra push I needed to get it done! 

I'm very excited to be bringing you custom and perfect invitations, announcements, thank you cards & other printables for your next party! My goal is to create something unique and personal that isn't all over the web. 

How this blog will work is each week I'll have a posting schedule, however, to start off... things will be slow!

In the future, I hope to not only bring you party printables, but giveaways and party features!

I hope you all are as excited as I am! :)